Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This summer my daughter Magda came to visit. Now my daughter does not like Smithers so when she comes here she is usually pretty cranky. This time we had a great visit, it was wonderful to have her home and she seemed to have a good time too.
I am very lucky I have two daughters that I gave birth to one that I adopted my Sammy and all three are wonderful delightful young women. I really feel very fortunate to have them in my life. Jody is Smart, sweet and charming, Sammy is also a Smart, sweet and caring person and Magda is charming extremely intelligent little crazy and absolutely a hoot. This girl can make you laugh tell you pee yourself. She also has deep compassion for those she loves. I am so lucky to be loved by these young women.

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  1. I agree! All of you women are amazing and have made lifetime impacts on me, I am so lucky to have you as "momma" your guidance and support is a blessing. Magda is on a pedistal for me and I adore her in every possible way. I have had a great oppertunity to spend time with and learn more about Jody in this past year and I am thankful that. She is an inspiration and a beautiful person. I have only met Sammy a couple of times but I know already she fits right in with all of you amazing, strong, beautiful powerful women. I am blessed to know you all and have you a part of my life. LOVES