Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Life is like that! a rant

Today I'm just thinking, about life we look at things a different way, and we think we are all right. For some reason some of us seem to think that we don't need to take responsibility for the things we do, that life is just a big joke. While I think this is bogus. And I'd like to think that those people are all young and give them an excuse but the bottom line is their not. This attitude seems to come in all ages of people men and women doesn't seem to make any difference as far as the sex go or age.

A lot of you know I have been very active a union. I find it very frustrating the union gets blame for keeping incompetent workers. When in reality it is very simple process to get rid of a bad worker. All that needs to be done documentation. When these people are irresponsible and don't do their jobs and write them up. In very short order they will either smarten up or you well have enough cause to fire them. Granted they may come back on a last chance letter, but it has been my experience that they screw up very soon after words.

The job of a unions is to make the workplace better for the workers and the company. When people feel that they are being treated fairly people tend to be better workers and therefore produce more product which interim make the company more money. Everyone should want the company to make money. If the company does not make money it has to shut is doors. Jobs are lost therefore it is in the best interest of the worker to be as efficient as possible, that this job security.

I just hate it when workers try to use the union to screw over the company. So when someone is not doing their job, it pains me. I have no problem with standing up for a worker who is not being treated fairly, I feel that's my job. I have an obligation to make sure the company follows the contract, but the worker also must follow the contract. Some people don't get that they think that it is all on the company they can do whatever they want not so.


  1. Great post. It is definately a tit for tat world in the Union, and I agree that it has a bad rap.

  2. Yeah I'm not much of a support for unions anymore... which is too bad because they are meant to be great