Thursday, April 30, 2009

the Dentist

Now I don't know about you but I have major issues with going to the dentist. this has been a problem for me probably most of my life. I have a very high drug tolerance. Every year as I could never find a dentist they could freeze my mouth. Because of this I have had extractions without freezing. I have had cavities filled without freezing and don't even get me started on cleaning. About two years ago I going tooth ack freaked me right out called the dentist I hate, This bastard charges 10% over ever what every other dentists and Dental Association considered appropriate for any dental procedure. Now if the Bastard did not hurt me every time I go there maybe I wouldn't mind paying the extra 10%. Now that's a lie I hate being ripped off and I hate even more being hurt. Anyway back to the story so I called his office and was told it would be two weeks before an emergency appointment was available. So someone suggested that I call the dentist Huston BC which is ¾ hour drive from home, and even though I'm not a patient I can get in within the

So I go to see this dentist and he tells me I need a root canal. Now I and it just so happens he has a patient that doesn't turn up and that means he can do it right away. Now this is great because I don't have time to work myself up into a complete basket case. During the procedure he and his assistant and end up putting me completely at ease. I an in the chair close to 3 hours and in that three hours never once did I feel any pain. I found themselves fascinating. TAhis is now my new dentists and I have had all on my dental work done including. My teeth cleaned. The hygienist was very gentle and tried his best not to hurt me. My friend Donna is also afraid of dentists needless to say I have now got her going to Paul. Which is really great to me because now I drive her to Houston to have her dental work I get to go visit with Paul and Nancy while Donna sits and gets her teeth done!!

I just love when I find very intelligent people who are very articulate. I so enjoy going to see my dentist Paul Comparelli and his assistant Nancy Ciampichini. They just are great. The facts are are everyone in the office is great. It is a joy to go there to talk to all of them. Now anyone who knows me knows that I'm very friendly to everyone but that doesn't mean that I am friends with everyone I'm very fussy about the people who I would like to consider friends. And intellect is a huge part of that to put it bluntly I am intellectual snob. I only really enjoy smart people. now that's not to say that they have to be well educated its the natural intelligence that attracts me. I am also pretty big on charisma you know what I mean that extra something that some people have that when they talk you want to listen. It was so nice that both Nancy and Paul have these qualities in abundance.


  1. Way to go Peggie!! It's always great to find a dentist that you can trust. It sounds that this is going to work for you, and conscious sedation is another thing I was thinking of while reading this.
    Pain......that is just another dirty four letter word. LOL know all about that.

  2. Thats great news! I have finally after 4.5 years found a dentist here in Van and I will be signing up with a doctor (we are designing his new office) I have not been to a dentist for 3 of those 4.5 years and have now gone 3 times this month for cleaning, cavity (I knew that was coming) and to fix my front teeth, the people I found are great as well. I like you blogging!!

  3. Yikes! I can't imagine getting dental work done without freezing... I had to get some dental surgery done a few years back, and I paid the extra $300 just for them to get the anaesthesiolgist in there to knock me out completely. Most expensive nap I've ever had, but totally worth it :) Glad you found a dentist/assistant team that treat you well, you deserve it.

  4. I am flattered, I thought you visited us just because I am such a great looking young dentist. You know its the women in the office that make the place what it is.