Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This summer my daughter Magda came to visit. Now my daughter does not like Smithers so when she comes here she is usually pretty cranky. This time we had a great visit, it was wonderful to have her home and she seemed to have a good time too.
I am very lucky I have two daughters that I gave birth to one that I adopted my Sammy and all three are wonderful delightful young women. I really feel very fortunate to have them in my life. Jody is Smart, sweet and charming, Sammy is also a Smart, sweet and caring person and Magda is charming extremely intelligent little crazy and absolutely a hoot. This girl can make you laugh tell you pee yourself. She also has deep compassion for those she loves. I am so lucky to be loved by these young women.


I am just sick I heard today that my surgery was cancelled and nobody called me. I've booked flights I've taken time off work and arranged for someone to take care of my house and my dogs. I cannot believe how stupid this person is. where they have to be down for the next surgery date that she gave me. Granted it's November 3 which is only a week later but still. the surgery is in Victoria not next door. And the woman acts like it's no big deal. Unbelievable!!! needless to say I am completely freaked. how on earth can a person be so inconsiderate. I am flabbergasted. I also am very upset. The only good thing I see about this is that I'm actually back writing my woman blog. I had to take a space from it because the things are going out on my life could not be in this forum. I had a misunderstanding with a friend that upset me greatly I was accused of something I hadn't done. When I tried to explain to them that I had not done this they wouldn't believe me. We are now trying to patch up the relationship. It's very difficult. I have contacted her many times to do stuff but it's never convenient either for her or for me. I live in hope.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some Times one gets lucky!

Sometimes you get lucky! You can pick your friend but not your relatives I have some great relatives my second cousin Joanne I love this girl. She And her husband have been so good to me. I am going back forth to Victoria from Smithers. Since the surgeon agreed to do my gastric bypass surgery. I have had to go to Victoria four more than five times to see doctors he recommended. I have been poked and prodded and tested for everything under the sun. Now this would have been quite ugly as well as expensive if it wasn't for Joanna and Bruce. They have gone the extra mile for me, not only do they let me stay at their house. They pick me up at the airport or at the the ferry terminal and drive me to my appointments. I will also be able to stay with them after my surgery as the doctors want me in Victoria for three or four days includes a spring a leak. Really the kindness and generosity of these people is phenomenal. I really feel I had to mention it here because so few people ever mention the kind deeds of others. And I don't think that's fair. I so appreciate the kindness of Joanna and Bruce. I would never be able to express my gratitude.
Thank you Joanne and Bruce with much love Peg

Life is like that! a rant

Today I'm just thinking, about life we look at things a different way, and we think we are all right. For some reason some of us seem to think that we don't need to take responsibility for the things we do, that life is just a big joke. While I think this is bogus. And I'd like to think that those people are all young and give them an excuse but the bottom line is their not. This attitude seems to come in all ages of people men and women doesn't seem to make any difference as far as the sex go or age.

A lot of you know I have been very active a union. I find it very frustrating the union gets blame for keeping incompetent workers. When in reality it is very simple process to get rid of a bad worker. All that needs to be done documentation. When these people are irresponsible and don't do their jobs and write them up. In very short order they will either smarten up or you well have enough cause to fire them. Granted they may come back on a last chance letter, but it has been my experience that they screw up very soon after words.

The job of a unions is to make the workplace better for the workers and the company. When people feel that they are being treated fairly people tend to be better workers and therefore produce more product which interim make the company more money. Everyone should want the company to make money. If the company does not make money it has to shut is doors. Jobs are lost therefore it is in the best interest of the worker to be as efficient as possible, that this job security.

I just hate it when workers try to use the union to screw over the company. So when someone is not doing their job, it pains me. I have no problem with standing up for a worker who is not being treated fairly, I feel that's my job. I have an obligation to make sure the company follows the contract, but the worker also must follow the contract. Some people don't get that they think that it is all on the company they can do whatever they want not so.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

the Dentist

Now I don't know about you but I have major issues with going to the dentist. this has been a problem for me probably most of my life. I have a very high drug tolerance. Every year as I could never find a dentist they could freeze my mouth. Because of this I have had extractions without freezing. I have had cavities filled without freezing and don't even get me started on cleaning. About two years ago I going tooth ack freaked me right out called the dentist I hate, This bastard charges 10% over ever what every other dentists and Dental Association considered appropriate for any dental procedure. Now if the Bastard did not hurt me every time I go there maybe I wouldn't mind paying the extra 10%. Now that's a lie I hate being ripped off and I hate even more being hurt. Anyway back to the story so I called his office and was told it would be two weeks before an emergency appointment was available. So someone suggested that I call the dentist Huston BC which is ¾ hour drive from home, and even though I'm not a patient I can get in within the

So I go to see this dentist and he tells me I need a root canal. Now I and it just so happens he has a patient that doesn't turn up and that means he can do it right away. Now this is great because I don't have time to work myself up into a complete basket case. During the procedure he and his assistant and end up putting me completely at ease. I an in the chair close to 3 hours and in that three hours never once did I feel any pain. I found themselves fascinating. TAhis is now my new dentists and I have had all on my dental work done including. My teeth cleaned. The hygienist was very gentle and tried his best not to hurt me. My friend Donna is also afraid of dentists needless to say I have now got her going to Paul. Which is really great to me because now I drive her to Houston to have her dental work I get to go visit with Paul and Nancy while Donna sits and gets her teeth done!!

I just love when I find very intelligent people who are very articulate. I so enjoy going to see my dentist Paul Comparelli and his assistant Nancy Ciampichini. They just are great. The facts are are everyone in the office is great. It is a joy to go there to talk to all of them. Now anyone who knows me knows that I'm very friendly to everyone but that doesn't mean that I am friends with everyone I'm very fussy about the people who I would like to consider friends. And intellect is a huge part of that to put it bluntly I am intellectual snob. I only really enjoy smart people. now that's not to say that they have to be well educated its the natural intelligence that attracts me. I am also pretty big on charisma you know what I mean that extra something that some people have that when they talk you want to listen. It was so nice that both Nancy and Paul have these qualities in abundance.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fat and how I am planing for it to go

I have a few friends that wondering what I've been up to. They had not heard from me for a long time. Now one of the reasons has been that I was so heavy I could not do anything extra I just worked and rested. I was too tired to even go on the computer my house was a total disaster. In July of last year I went to the doctor because of my being tired and never feeling well he said to me that I need to think about weight loss surgery. So I bought two weeks later I went to see him again and and asked for a referral to a weight loss surgeon.

Now I have heard that sometimes it took two years to get an appointment but to my surprise I had an appointment by September. the reason I was given an appointment so soon was that the doctors felt that my weight was killing me. In September Jody and Sammy came with me to see the surgeon he said he was going to operate as soon as he could but I would have to see a bunch of doctors before he could give me a surgery date. I have high blood pressure and diabetes these things are very dangerous if you our morbidly obese.

It is taking me tell now to get appointments and see all those doctors I now just have one appointment left and that looks after my sleep apnea. so how I have lost the weight is mostly eating no white bread and is increasing the amount of other grains that I eat. I Have cutting back some on my fat,and portion size with swimming I have lost the weight. That is it in a nutshell. When I went to the surgeon he said to me that I must have sleep apnea as I had no neck and I needed to see a specialist about this before I could have surgery. This is brought about the biggest change in my life it turns out that I have very severe apnea I have hundreds of episodes every hour. I now only sleep about for five hours a night but I have 10 times the energy and feel 10 times better than I have in years. I am still looking foreword to having a real life now.

I will update this post when I hear more from the doctors. on May 27, 2000 9I should get the all clear to have my surgery and as soon as I know the dates I will post them here.

more Dragon

This time I am trying to write right in the box to see how it looks in this is easy to blog this way. So far I find it very easy but have to watch to make sure that the program has not made mistakes. I have only been using Dragon for about three or four hours total. In that time I have got it to work 90% of the time. There for I am very happy with that I have great expectations in fact I am very excited. I have gotten it to work on the intranet and am hopeful that it will be just as successful in other applications.

Dragon talk 10

Well folks I have just received a new program called Dragon talk now it's not the easiest program to use, I thought I would tell you what it's like to use this program. You talk into a microphone, and it types the words you speak. I find that it does not always write down the words that I speak. I think once I get used to this program I will like it a lot but right now I'm finding it a bit frustrating am I not used to speaking aloud while composing a paragraph but it's certainly is faster them than I type and yet is slow compared to speech.

I am off to bed I have had long shift and I am tired this Dragon talk before I taken a nap. I am looking foreword to my first shift back to work. It is a graveyard shift and 12 hours is a long time when you have worked two months.

I am now back in work the shift would well. Now I am back using the program but they think I am too tired to have much success this morning so I'm going to go to bed .

If this program works for me I will be able to catch up on many projects. This program still does not understand what I say all the time. It still writes the wrong words. It also takes much longer to train this program to your voice then I thought it would. I can see where some people would become very frustrated. I personally am not a person that has a lot of patience but I can see this could be a lot faster for someone with learning disabilities to use rather than trying to type. It also would be very good for someone who has never typed.

One needs to realize that one has to speak clearly for it to understand you. I can see that Dragon talk 10 is going to be very helpful to me. I am now getting this program to respond to what they say 80% of the time. I have also realized it is very easy to have it correct spelling errors or wrong words. I find this very exciting I have always wanted to write a book about my cairn terriers. They are really funny little animals. I would also like to write a book on my father. He had many quirky sayings that make people laugh. I also remember most of his were stories and I would like to record them for his great-grandchildren. I can see where Dragon talk is going to enable me to do these things.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I Just got back from my board meeting in PG. So sad so many people out of work.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


If you are wondering about the name of this blog it came from the fact that when I catch site of my self in the mirror it startles me. You see i do not see my self as a fat person. Oh I Know I weight 250 don't get me wrong I am not a nut who dose not know that that is fat. I am well aware of the reality it is just not the image I have of my self in my head it is a shock ever time I look in the mirror.
I have thought long and hard about doing a blog. My Kids are great blogger. But I can't spell. It is a shameful thing to a 58 year old women if she can't spell. What the Hell I am going to give it a go anyway. I feel Like I need to do this for me not