Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dragon talk 10

Well folks I have just received a new program called Dragon talk now it's not the easiest program to use, I thought I would tell you what it's like to use this program. You talk into a microphone, and it types the words you speak. I find that it does not always write down the words that I speak. I think once I get used to this program I will like it a lot but right now I'm finding it a bit frustrating am I not used to speaking aloud while composing a paragraph but it's certainly is faster them than I type and yet is slow compared to speech.

I am off to bed I have had long shift and I am tired this Dragon talk before I taken a nap. I am looking foreword to my first shift back to work. It is a graveyard shift and 12 hours is a long time when you have worked two months.

I am now back in work the shift would well. Now I am back using the program but they think I am too tired to have much success this morning so I'm going to go to bed .

If this program works for me I will be able to catch up on many projects. This program still does not understand what I say all the time. It still writes the wrong words. It also takes much longer to train this program to your voice then I thought it would. I can see where some people would become very frustrated. I personally am not a person that has a lot of patience but I can see this could be a lot faster for someone with learning disabilities to use rather than trying to type. It also would be very good for someone who has never typed.

One needs to realize that one has to speak clearly for it to understand you. I can see that Dragon talk 10 is going to be very helpful to me. I am now getting this program to respond to what they say 80% of the time. I have also realized it is very easy to have it correct spelling errors or wrong words. I find this very exciting I have always wanted to write a book about my cairn terriers. They are really funny little animals. I would also like to write a book on my father. He had many quirky sayings that make people laugh. I also remember most of his were stories and I would like to record them for his great-grandchildren. I can see where Dragon talk is going to enable me to do these things.


  1. I'm torn between I'm glad you like it... and uh oh... I've opened Pandora's box :)

    From the reviews it takes about 7-10 hours of use to get it mostly trained to your voice... the company says 99% accuracy... but most people say more like 90-95% Sounds pretty good to me:)

  2. yes you have a let the wild woman owner of the cage. And you may feel that this is a bad thing and to some it may be. I find it interesting that I still try and think of a simple phrases to use instead of the words I normally speak in. Even though I can use my full vocabulary now it's sort of still feels like writing to me but I have a Gauguin amount of things to write.

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