Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fat and how I am planing for it to go

I have a few friends that wondering what I've been up to. They had not heard from me for a long time. Now one of the reasons has been that I was so heavy I could not do anything extra I just worked and rested. I was too tired to even go on the computer my house was a total disaster. In July of last year I went to the doctor because of my being tired and never feeling well he said to me that I need to think about weight loss surgery. So I bought two weeks later I went to see him again and and asked for a referral to a weight loss surgeon.

Now I have heard that sometimes it took two years to get an appointment but to my surprise I had an appointment by September. the reason I was given an appointment so soon was that the doctors felt that my weight was killing me. In September Jody and Sammy came with me to see the surgeon he said he was going to operate as soon as he could but I would have to see a bunch of doctors before he could give me a surgery date. I have high blood pressure and diabetes these things are very dangerous if you our morbidly obese.

It is taking me tell now to get appointments and see all those doctors I now just have one appointment left and that looks after my sleep apnea. so how I have lost the weight is mostly eating no white bread and is increasing the amount of other grains that I eat. I Have cutting back some on my fat,and portion size with swimming I have lost the weight. That is it in a nutshell. When I went to the surgeon he said to me that I must have sleep apnea as I had no neck and I needed to see a specialist about this before I could have surgery. This is brought about the biggest change in my life it turns out that I have very severe apnea I have hundreds of episodes every hour. I now only sleep about for five hours a night but I have 10 times the energy and feel 10 times better than I have in years. I am still looking foreword to having a real life now.

I will update this post when I hear more from the doctors. on May 27, 2000 9I should get the all clear to have my surgery and as soon as I know the dates I will post them here.


  1. Hey Peg, I am happy to see you are blogging, I often think of you and wonder how my other momma is, So I am happy to be able to read up on how you are. looking forward to all the blogging. LOVe YOu!!

  2. thank you babe you are on my mind a lot

  3. Love that with the new Dragon, you can post!

  4. Oooh ooh, hi mummy! (waving arms frantically) I'm so glad you are blogging. Also glad that you are feeling better. Being tired all the time sucks. Hugs!


  5. I love that I have a place I can check in on you too now! Nice!

    High five to Megs for Dragon.


  6. A so glad you all fallow my blog makes me feel really important to you. For the last few years I have so enjoyed following you guys on your blogs. It really makes one feel connected without having to be in in someone's pocket.

  7. Yes yes, I have unleashed the beasty. ;) just teasing mom, glad the Dragon is working out so well for you. :)